User Segmentation with Channel

We just launched a new feature: Segments. It lets you separate your users into groups so you can target them better.
We also let you import CSV file that contains a list of your app user ID. Query your users with conditions you need from your system and import a list of user ID to Channel.

Example use cases of Segments
– Users who are on App Version below 1.5
– Users who have not been active more than 7 days.

Log in to your dashboard and see it today.

Introducing Bot Accounts and a new Send API

Bot Account is finally here! Log in to your account and in the Settings tab. You will find a new menu called “Bot Accounts”.  You can create as many bots as you like.
With our new Send API. We make it easier to send a message from Bot Account. Take a look at cURL example below

curl "[SPECIFY_CLIENT_ID_HERE]/messages" \
-H "X-Channel-Application-Key:[THIS_IS_YOUR_APPLICATION_KEY]" \
-H "X-Channel-Bot-Token:[THIS_IS_YOUR_BOT_TOKEN]" \
-X POST -d '{"data" : {"text":"Hello there! This is a message from a bot!"}}'"

That’s it. Pairing with a message webhook and now you can build a chatbot that you have been thinking about on our platform.
Check out our documents here

Chat with Customers has never been easier

Channel Makes It Easy for Your Customers to Talk to You

Instant messaging for your business app made simple

It’s good to talk. When it comes to your customers, it’s absolutely vital for closing sales and offering a premium customer experience post-sales.

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate in the 21st century and made global communications practically faster than the speed of light.

Then, it put that amazing power in our pocket.

So why do we expect our customer to search for a contact button and wait for an email?

The clock’s ticking—and if your competitors answer before you do, that sale will be gone, forever.

Channel Makes Your App Run Smarter—and Faster

Channel is the world’s first IM communication tool designed for business apps, giving your business a familiar channel of speedy communication that is intuitive to use.

  • Installs in minutes: it takes just three minutes to install Channel on your phone—no complex coding, no programming headaches.
  • Easy Integration: keep all the features of your iOS business app while integrating Channel’s SDK (8.0 and above)
  • Seamless two-way communications: Channel works just like your favorite regular IM, with notifications enabling fast responses to customer queries
  • Full features: why limit yourself to words when you can also send images, notes, files and even fun emojis?

Take your app out of dark age of contact pages and emails

With 86% of consumers using a mobile device to browse the internet and purchase goods, having an app has become a necessity for online businesses.

Channel puts the speed of instant messaging communications at your fingertips, integrating into your current app in just minutes. Give your business an edge over your competitors by making communication intuitive, fun and fast.

Don’t just take our word for it: start your free trial today and discover why Channel is the future of app communications.

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