Add Channel Messenger to Your WordPress Website

Hello there!

Here are the steps to install Channel Messenger to your WordPress website. Channel Messenger lets your customer chat with you on your website.

If you have not signed up on Channel. Please sign up here

Great! you already have an account on Channel. Let’s get started.

1. Create a new App If you do not have an app on Channel or if you already have an app on Channel. You can skip this step.

2. You will be presented with the screen below. The code you see in the page already contains your Channel Application ID.
Copy the code.

3. Go to your WordPress site and create a new widget in Appearance > Widgets

4. Add a new Text Widget. Select Text and Paste the copied Code in the field then click Save

5. That’s it. Now your website will have the Channel Messenger Icon at the bottom right! Test sending message to your self and see it in the Conversations tab in Channel Dashboard

You can customize the look of Channel Messenger like background color and text color in Your Channel Dashboard > Settings > Appearance
You can turn on and off Channel Messenger at any time from there. Channel Messenger Chat Icon from your Website will be disappeared automatically.

Let us know if you have any question 🙂
Happy building relationship with your customers!

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