Introducing Bot Accounts and a new Send API

Bot Account is finally here! Log in to your account and in the Settings tab. You will find a new menu called “Bot Accounts”.  You can create as many bots as you like.
With our new Send API. We make it easier to send a message from Bot Account. Take a look at cURL example below

curl "[SPECIFY_CLIENT_ID_HERE]/messages" \
-H "X-Channel-Application-Key:[THIS_IS_YOUR_APPLICATION_KEY]" \
-H "X-Channel-Bot-Token:[THIS_IS_YOUR_BOT_TOKEN]" \
-X POST -d '{"data" : {"text":"Hello there! This is a message from a bot!"}}'"

That’s it. Pairing with a message webhook and now you can build a chatbot that you have been thinking about on our platform.
Check out our documents here

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